Oysters are amazing molluscs. They are filter feeders which can get through around 30 to 50 gallons of water every day and act as a super cleaner for the ocean, helping to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the oceans across the globe. We've chosen our oysters especially for you, find out why we think you'll love them below!


Our Oysters

We use a medium-sized rock oyster, typically weighing between 80-140g. We think these oysters have the best balance between salty and sweet! The rock oyster, also known as crassostrea gigas, grows wild in the River Blackwater. They spend around 30% of their time exposed to the elements when the tide is out, this makes them super hardy and is part of the reason they are available all year round! Rock oysters filter a lot more water than their Native counterpart, building for a meatier taste. Our oysters are purified in seawater from the River Blackwater, ensuring they are safe to eat whilst retaining their desired salty flavour.

Health Benefits

In our opinion, oysters are real superfood! Packed full of vitamins, protein and healthy fats, oysters are thought to have many health benefits including; 

  • Weight Loss – oysters are high in protein and low in calories, keeping you full for longer. 

  • Healthy Heart – oysters have omega-3 fatty acids which also supporting reduced cholesterol. They also have potassium which is great for lowering blood pressure. 

  • Energy & Libido – oysters contain a variety of vitamins as well as zinc which can give a real energy boost for your body and libido. 

  • Immune Boosting – known for their anti-inflammatory properties, oysters can support your immune system to function better. 


Eating Etiquette

How to eat oysters is a hot topic of debate! Do you chew it or swallow it whole? Do you eat the juice in or not? Our oysters are from the estuaries of the River Blackwater where the river meets the ocean. This gives them a lovely sweet but salty flavour. 


Darren prefers to chew his oysters with a little bit of that salty juice and a good squeeze of lemon! Ryan loves the spice or a generous helping of shallots to enjoy whilst chewing these meaty rock oysters.


Famous chef Michel Roux Jr says you have to chew them to make the most of these amazing jewels of the ocean!